Monday, May 31, 2010

Proud Mother

Yesterday, my son, Prophet had graduation. He goes to a private school and they have it every year for all students that are promoted to the next grade. A ceremony with certificates, trophies, and performances. But this year, it was special to me because my son is 9 years old and going to middle school (6th grade) in August! He skipped two grades (1st and 3rd). This year he received 5 certificates (spelling award, certificate of excellence, athletic certificate for basketball, year round A-B honor roll, and a certificate of promotion) and a promotion trophy. I also received a parent appreciation trophy and a certificate. But back to my son, he is going up :). I am so proud of him, he has ALWAYS been really smart, even in pre school. He would and still does, out of the blue, say "Mama, did you know that_(insert info)_? I just look and him and think man, I didn't know any of that stuff when I was your age! I get upset with him sometimes when he does certain things because I forget that he is still only 9 years old and I have to remember that no matter how smart he is, he's still a child and is going to still do certain things like we all did when we were children. Congratulations to my little Prophet!

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